CRB Android Kitchen Tool Added KG Lock ROM Maker (All Samsung Mobile)

CRB Android Kitchen Tool [V3.3.9] Free Download

An easy-to-use program called CRB Android Kitchen was created to help users in creating custom ROMs for Android smartphones. It is compatible with the file systems Ext4, F2FS, and EroFS as well as Android 10, 11, 12, and 13. The program provide many of features that let users improve their ROMs to make the most out of their devices, like Super Dynamic Partitions, VBMeta Patch, Magisk Patch, and Debloat. Finally, CRB Android Kitchen is a flexible tool for ROM customization because it supports a wide range of file formats, including zip, 7z, jar, tar, ozip, md5, img, raw, ext4, lz4, bin,, dat, xz, ofp, and tgz. You can now remove the KG lock from any Samsung mobile device with the tool, which can create a Knox disable ROM in just three minutes.

Features of CRB Android Kitchen Tool

Supports files format zip, 7z, jar, tar, ozip, md5, img, raw, ext4, lz4, bin,, dat, xz, ofp, tgz.
Multiple project support.
Delete single project.
Delete single partition.
ROM extraction automatically.
ROM extraction selectively / NA.
Support for multiple customizable bash scripts.
Debloater for remove apps with only one click.
Unpack/Repack boot.img.
Unpack/Repack dtbo.img.
Dtb extraction.
Magisk patch.
VBMeta tool.
Case Sensitive files supports.
Custom image for build image with all the options available.
Build image bulk with all the options available.
Build super image with all the options available.
Converting file_contexts.bin to standard text.
Output formats img, new.dat,, lz4.tar.
Unpack super.img.
TAR file manager.
AMLogic unpack/repack.
Supporting Android 10/11/12/13
Supporting Ext4, F2FS and EroFS file system.
Log for all task.

What’s new

Added support for unpacking images with BFBF pre-header signature.
Fixed file_contexts for some Samsung devices (thanks to Man1993).
Fixed build Super error for some models like A15.
There’s no need for a new key; the one for versions 3.3.X also works with this one.
Application Update Notes
For those with version 3.3.8, just replace crb.exe and you’re done.
Those coming from previous versions are advised to download the entire package.

How to use it?

1.First, you need to download Android Kitchen Tool from below link
2.Extract all files at c: drive (Most important)
3.Now open the extract folder and run the “crb.exe”
4.One tool interface is open you can use the tool


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