Activated Avengers Main Crack V1.8 Free Download

Download Avengers Main Crack V1.8 for free!. Avengers Box is a very powerful box for many CPUs. This version is a multi-platform tool where you will be able to do network unlocking, remove viruses, FRP removal, and many other operations on many phones that are supported!

FRP Tool
Reset FRP MediaTek Generic [Fastboot Mode]
Reset FRP Huawei Spreadtrum [Fastboot Mode]
Reset FRP Motorola Qualcomm [ADB Mode]
Reset FRP Qualcomm Generic [Fastboot Mode]
Unlock Bootloader
Mediatek Generic [Fastboot Mode]
Huawei Speadtrum [Fastboot Mode]
Qualcom Generic [Fastboot Mode]
Spreadtrum Android (SPD)
Repair IMEI – [DIAG Mode] – NO ROOT NO ADB
Repair Wifi – [DIAG Mode] – NO ROOT NO ADB 
Repair BT – [DIAG Mode] – NO ROOT NO ADB
Factory Reset – [DIAG Mode] – NO ROOT NO ADB
Malware tools
* Application manager for Android phones.
This function allow to manage installed phone applications.
Disable[freeze], enable, uninstall[not work for system packages], clear application data.
* Added possibility to add application directly in virus database.
For this application not need root.
Need root only to freeze system applications.
* Malware database manager.
Allow to add, or delete malware entries.
* Malware Remove.
Malware remove read malware list from Malware DataBase and perform cleaning[deleting]
For this function need root and buy box installed.
Without buy box will fail on removing some malware files.

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