Pandora Box New Version V5.12 Latest Update | Added support Infinix X6517, X6823

The Pandora Box, a popular tool used by users, just released Version 5.12. This update matters for everyone who is operating a smartphone because it offers lots of updates and more help. You can also Download Latest Free RomFw Tool v12.09.23 One Click KG Lock Remove

Pandora V5.12 new update
What’s news [VER 5.12]
– Added support Vivo NEW security, autodetect, repair …
– Added support a lot of Vivo phones
PD2123 T1x 5G, PD2123B T1x 5G, PD2123C T1x 5G, PD2123D T1x 5G,
PD2123E T1x 5G, PD2130 S10e, PD2130B S10e, PD2131 iQOO Z5x,
PD2131B iQOO Z5x, PD2131C iQOO Z5x, PD2215F V25, PD2224 Y77 5G,
PD2224BF Y77 5G, PD2224CF Y77 5G, PD2224F Y77 5G, PD2224GF Y77 5G,
PD2224HF Y77 5G, PD2224IF Y77 5G, PD2230 iQOO Z7i, PD2230F Y56 5G,
PD2236BF Y02, PD2236CF Y02, PD2236DF Y02, PD2236F Y02, PD2236HF Y02a,
PD2236IF Y02t, PD2236KF Y02t, PD2238F iQOO Neo 7, PD2257F Y100,
PD2257KF iQOO Z7 5G, PD2279F Y36 5G, PD2281F Y27, PD2281GF Y27 4G,
PD2317F Y17s, V2068A Y31s, V2069BA Y75s, V2118 Y01, V2130 V23 5G,
V2130A S10e, V2131A iQOO Z5x, V2166 Y01a, V2202 V25 5G, V2208 X80 Lite,
V2213 Y02, V2214 Y16, V2217 Y02, V2225 Y56 5G, V2230A Y35m 5G,V2230EA iQOO Z7i,
V2234 Y02a, V2236 Y02A, V2236A Y11 2023, V2237 V27e, V2238 Y22, V2239 Y100,
V2248 Y36 5G, V2249 Y27 4G, V2279A Y35 Plus, V2302 Y27, V2310 Y17s
– Added support Infinix X6517, X6823
– Added support Inoi 2 2021, Inoi 2 Lite 2021, Inoi 5 2021, Inoi 5 Lite 2021, Inoi 7 2020, Inoi 7 2021,
Inoi 83, Inoi A22 Lite, Inoi A52 Lite, Inoi A62 Lite, Inoi A72, Inoi Note 12,
Inoi inoiPad, Inoi inoiPad mini, Inoi inoiPad Pro
– Added support P662L Itel P40, P683L Itel P40 Plus, A632W Itel A04
A662L Itel A60, A662LM Itel A60s, S665L, S665LN Itel S23
– Added support TB328FU, TB328XU Lenovo Tab M10 Gen 3
– GUI updated
– Mediatek Read Phone Info expanded (detect real model name etc)
– Small bug fixes




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