EFT Pro Dongle Update V4.5.5 Build 001 is released | Added New Reset MDM Lock Infinix / Tecno

EFT Pro Tool is a software program that can be used to remove FRP, factory reset, and unlock pattern password pin locks from any Android phone. It can also be used to bypass the passcode or iCloud activation lock on iOS devices.Also you can download TFT Unlocker Digital Tool V3.1.1.2 [Latest Version] | Added ERASE FRP A10S,A03S,A02,A22,A12 and A01 CORE

EFT Pro Dongle Update V4.5.5 Build 001 is released :

What’s New :

[ MTK ]
Added New Reset MDM Lock Infinix / Tecno

Added Support New Models on V6 Protocol Infinix / Tecno
Infinix V6
Infinix Note 30 (X6833B) V6

Tecno V6
Phantom V Fold(AD10) V6
Added Support New Models on PRELOADER 2023



Added New: list with one click
Added New: Boot Passcode/Hello IOS 11.x Up 16.x One Click
Added New: Change Test Signed Drivers to ON
Added New: Read iDevice Info (Recovery Mode)
Added New: Automatic Active Backup Restore built-in with One Click
Added New: supported by recovery and supported by DFU
Added New: Save info to txt file when Backup or reading from a file
Added New: Restore Passcode with Disable Update/Reset
Added New: Add option to format or restart if backup completes
Added New: Ipwnder restart in case of failure
Added Restore by bypass Setup and disabling Update
-Improved repair of Apple drivers One Click
Note: One click on ipwnder is automatic;

iPhone 6+ iPhone7,1-n56ap_ios_12.x.x.iEFT
iPhone 6+ iPhone7,1-n56ap_ios_12.x.x_test.iEFT
iPhone 6 iPhone7,2-n61ap_ios_12.x.x.iEFT
iPhone 6 iPhone7,2-n61ap_ios_12.x.x_test.iEFT

iPhone 6S iPhone8,1-n71ap_ios_11.x.x
iPhone 6S iPhone8,1-n71ap_ios_12.x.x
iPhone 6S iPhone8,1-n71ap_ios_13.x.x
iPhone 6S iPhone8,1-n71ap_ios_14.x.x
iPhone 6S iPhone8,1-n71ap_ios_15.x.x
iPhone 6S iPhone8,1-n71map_ios_11.x.x
iPhone 6S iPhone8,1-n71map_ios_12.x.x
iPhone 6S iPhone8,1-n71map_ios_13.x.x
iPhone 6S iPhone8,1-n71map_ios_14.x.x
iPhone 6S iPhone8,1-n71map_ios_15.x.x

iPhone 6S+ iPhone8,2-n66ap_ios_12.x.x
iPhone 6S+ iPhone8,2-n66ap_ios_13.x.x
iPhone 6S+ iPhone8,2-n66ap_ios_14.x.x
iPhone 6S+ iPhone8,2-n66ap_ios_15.x.x
iPhone 6S+ iPhone8,2-n66map_ios_12.x.x
iPhone 6S+ iPhone8,2-n66map_ios_13.x.x
iPhone 6S+ iPhone8,2-n66map_ios_14.x.x
iPhone 6S+ iPhone8,2-n66map_ios_15.x.x

iPhone 7 (Global) iPhone9,1-d10ap_ios_11.x.x
iPhone 7 (Global) iPhone9,1-d10ap_ios_12.x.x
iPhone 7 (Global) iPhone9,1-d10ap_ios_13.x.x
iPhone 7 (Global) iPhone9,1-d10ap_ios_14.x.x
iPhone 7 (Global) iPhone9,1-d10ap_ios_15.x.x

iPhone 7+ (Global) iPhone9,2-d11ap_ios_11.x.x
iPhone 7+ (Global) iPhone9,2-d11ap_ios_12.x.x
iPhone 7+ (Global) iPhone9,2-d11ap_ios_13.x.x
iPhone 7+ (Global) iPhone9,2-d11ap_ios_14.x.x
iPhone 7+ (Global) iPhone9,2-d11ap_ios_15.x.x

iPhone 7 (GSM) iPhone9,3-d101ap_ios_11.x.x
iPhone 7 (GSM) iPhone9,3-d101ap_ios_12.x.x
iPhone 7 (GSM) iPhone9,3-d101ap_ios_13.x.x
iPhone 7 (GSM) iPhone9,3-d101ap_ios_14.x.x
iPhone 7 (GSM) iPhone9,3-d101ap_ios_15.x.x

iPhone 7+ (GSM) iPhone9,4-d111ap_ios_11.x.x
iPhone 7+ (GSM) iPhone9,4-d111ap_ios_12.x.x
iPhone 7+ (GSM) iPhone9,4-d111ap_ios_13.x.x
iPhone 7+ (GSM) iPhone9,4-d111ap_ios_14.x.x
iPhone 7+ (GSM) iPhone9,4-d111ap_ios_15.x.x

iPhone 8 (Global) iPhone10,1-d20ap_ios_11.x.x
iPhone 8 (Global) iPhone10,1-d20ap_ios_12.x.x
iPhone 8 (Global) iPhone10,1-d20ap_ios_13.x.x
iPhone 8 (Global) iPhone10,1-d20ap_ios_14.x.x
iPhone 8 (Global) iPhone10,1-d20ap_ios_15.x.x
iPhone 8 (Global) iPhone10,1-d20ap_ios_16.5.x
iPhone 8 (Global) iPhone10,1-d20ap_ios_16.6.x
iPhone 8 (Global) iPhone10,1-d20ap_ios_16.x.x

iPhone 8+ (Global) iPhone10,2-d21ap_ios_12.x.x
iPhone 8+ (Global) iPhone10,2-d21ap_ios_13.x.x
iPhone 8+ (Global) iPhone10,2-d21ap_ios_14.x.x
iPhone 8+ (Global) iPhone10,2-d21ap_ios_15.x.x
iPhone 8+ (Global) iPhone10,2-d21ap_ios_16.5.x
iPhone 8+ (Global) iPhone10,2-d21ap_ios_16.6.x
iPhone 8+ (Global) iPhone10,2-d21ap_ios_16.x.x

iPhone X Global iPhone10,3-d22ap_ios_11.x.x.iEFT
iPhone X Global iPhone10,3-d22ap_ios_12.x.x.iEFT
iPhone X Global iPhone10,3-d22ap_ios_13.x.x.iEFT
iPhone X Global iPhone10,3-d22ap_ios_14.x.x.iEFT
iPhone X Global iPhone10,3-d22ap_ios_15.x.x.iEFT
iPhone X Global iPhone10,3-d22ap_ios_16.5.x.iEFT
iPhone X Global iPhone10,3-d22ap_ios_16.6.x.iEFT
iPhone X Global iPhone10,3-d22ap_ios_16.x.x.iEFT

iPhone 8 (GSM) iPhone10,4-d201ap_ios_11.x.x.iEFT
iPhone 8 (GSM) iPhone10,4-d201ap_ios_12.x.x.iEFT
iPhone 8 (GSM) iPhone10,4-d201ap_ios_13.x.x.iEFT
iPhone 8 (GSM) iPhone10,4-d201ap_ios_14.x.x.iEFT
iPhone 8 (GSM) iPhone10,4-d201ap_ios_15.x.x.iEFT
iPhone 8 (GSM) iPhone10,4-d201ap_ios_16.5.x.iEFT
iPhone 8 (GSM) iPhone10,4-d201ap_ios_16.6.x.iEFT
iPhone 8 (GSM) iPhone10,4-d201ap_ios_16.x.x.iEFT

iPhone 8+ (GSM) iPhone10,5-d211ap_ios_12.x.x.iEFT
iPhone 8+ (GSM) iPhone10,5-d211ap_ios_13.x.x.iEFT
iPhone 8+ (GSM) iPhone10,5-d211ap_ios_14.x.x.iEFT
iPhone 8+ (GSM) iPhone10,5-d211ap_ios_15.x.x.iEFT
iPhone 8+ (GSM) iPhone10,5-d211ap_ios_16.5.x.iEFT
iPhone 8+ (GSM) iPhone10,5-d211ap_ios_16.6.x.iEFT
iPhone 8+ (GSM) iPhone10,5-d211ap_ios_16.x.x.iEFT

iPhone X (GSM) iPhone10,6-d221ap_ios_11.x.x.iEFT
iPhone X (GSM) iPhone10,6-d221ap_ios_12.x.x.iEFT
iPhone X (GSM) iPhone10,6-d221ap_ios_13.x.x.iEFT
iPhone X (GSM) iPhone10,6-d221ap_ios_14.x.x.iEFT
iPhone X (GSM) iPhone10,6-d221ap_ios_15.x.x.iEFT
iPhone X (GSM) iPhone10,6-d221ap_ios_16.5.x.iEFT
iPhone X (GSM) iPhone10,6-d221ap_ios_16.6.x.iEFT
iPhone X (GSM) iPhone10,6-d221ap_ios_16.x.x.iEFT

iPad mini 4 (WiFi) iPad5,1-j96ap_ios_14.x.x
iPad mini 4 (WiFi) iPad5,1-j96ap_ios_15.x.x

iPad mini 4 (Cellular) iPad5,2-j97ap_ios_14.x.x
iPad mini 4 (Cellular) iPad5,2-j97ap_ios_15.x.x

iPad Air 2 (WiFi) iPad5,3-j81ap_ios_14.x.x
iPad Air 2 (WiFi) iPad5,3-j81ap_ios_15.x.x

iPad Air 2 (Cellular) iPad5,4-j82ap_ios_14.x.x
iPad Air 2 (Cellular) iPad5,4-j82ap_ios_15.x.x

iPad Pro (9.7-inch) (WiFi) iPad6,3-j127ap_ios_14.x.x
iPad Pro (9.7-inch) (WiFi) iPad6,3-j127ap_ios_15.x.x
iPad Pro (9.7-inch) (WiFi) iPad6,3-j127ap_ios_16.4.1-16.5.x
iPad Pro (9.7-inch) (WiFi) iPad6,3-j127ap_ios_16.4
iPad Pro (9.7-inch) (WiFi) iPad6,3-j127ap_ios_16.6
iPad Pro (9.7-inch) (WiFi) iPad6,3-j127ap_ios_16.x.x

iPad Pro (9.7-inch) iPad6,4-j128ap_ios_14.x.x
iPad Pro (9.7-inch) iPad6,4-j128ap_ios_15.x.x
iPad Pro (9.7-inch) iPad6,4-j128ap_ios_16.4.1-16.5.x
iPad Pro (9.7-inch) iPad6,4-j128ap_ios_16.4
iPad Pro (9.7-inch) iPad6,4-j128ap_ios_16.6
iPad Pro (9.7-inch) iPad6,4-j128ap_ios_16.x.x

iPad Pro (12.9-inch) (WiFi) iPad6,7-j98aap_ios_14.x.x
iPad Pro (12.9-inch) (WiFi) iPad6,7-j98aap_ios_15.x.x
iPad Pro (12.9-inch) (WiFi) iPad6,7-j98aap_ios_16.4
iPad Pro (12.9-inch) (WiFi) iPad6,7-j98aap_ios_16.x.x

iPad Pro (12.9-inch) (Cellular) iPad6,8-j99aap_ios_14.x.x
iPad Pro (12.9-inch) (Cellular) iPad6,8-j99aap_ios_15.x.x
iPad Pro (12.9-inch) (Cellular)iPad6,8-j99aap_ios_16.4
iPad Pro (12.9-inch) (Cellular)iPad6,8-j99aap_ios_16.x.x

iPad (5th generation) (WiFi) iPad6,11-j71sap_ios_14.x.x
iPad (5th generation) (WiFi) iPad6,11-j71sap_ios_15.x.x
iPad (5th generation) (WiFi) iPad6,11-j71sap_ios_16.4.1-16.5.x
iPad (5th generation) (WiFi) iPad6,11-j71sap_ios_16.4
iPad (5th generation) (WiFi) iPad6,11-j71sap_ios_16.6
iPad (5th generation) (WiFi) iPad6,11-j71sap_ios_16.x.x

iPad (5th generation) (Cellular) iPad6,11-j71tap_ios_14.x.x
iPad (5th generation) (Cellular) iPad6,11-j71tap_ios_15.x.x
iPad (5th generation) (Cellular) iPad6,11-j71tap_ios_16.4.1-16.5.x
iPad (5th generation) (Cellular) iPad6,11-j71tap_ios_16.4
iPad (5th generation) (Cellular) iPad6,11-j71tap_ios_16.6
iPad (5th generation) (Cellular) iPad6,11-j71tap_ios_16.x.x

iPad (5th generation) (WiFi) iPad6,12-j72sap_ios_14.x.x
iPad (5th generation) (WiFi) iPad6,12-j72sap_ios_15.x.x
iPad (5th generation) (WiFi) iPad6,12-j72sap_ios_16.4.1-16.5.x
iPad (5th generation) (WiFi) iPad6,12-j72sap_ios_16.4
iPad (5th generation) (WiFi) iPad6,12-j72sap_ios_16.6
iPad (5th generation) (WiFi) iPad6,12-j72sap_ios_16.x.x

iPad (5th generation) (Cellular) iPad6,12-j72tap_ios_14.x.x
iPad (5th generation) (Cellular) iPad6,12-j72tap_ios_15.x.x
iPad (5th generation) (Cellular) iPad6,12-j72tap_ios_16.4.1-16.5.x
iPad (5th generation) (Cellular) iPad6,12-j72tap_ios_16.4
iPad (5th generation) (Cellular) iPad6,12-j72tap_ios_16.6
iPad (5th generation) (Cellular) iPad6,12-j72tap_ios_16.x.x

iPad Pro (12.9-inch) (2nd generation) (WiFi) iPad7,1-j120ap_ios_14.x.x.iEFT
iPad Pro (12.9-inch) (2nd generation) (WiFi) iPad7,1-j120ap_ios_15.x.x.iEFT
iPad Pro (12.9-inch) (2nd generation) (WiFi) iPad7,1-j120ap_ios_16.x.x.iEFT

iPad Pro (12.9-inch) (2nd generation) (Cellular) iPad7,2-j121ap_ios_14.x.x.iEFT
iPad Pro (12.9-inch) (2nd generation) (Cellular) iPad7,2-j121ap_ios_15.x.x.iEFT
iPad Pro (12.9-inch) (2nd generation) (Cellular) iPad7,2-j121ap_ios_16.x.x.iEFT

iPad Pro (10.5-inch) (WiFi) iPad7,3-j207ap_ios_14.x.x
iPad Pro (10.5-inch) (WiFi) iPad7,3-j207ap_ios_15.x.x
iPad Pro (10.5-inch) (WiFi) iPad7,3-j207ap_ios_16.4.1-16.5.x
iPad Pro (10.5-inch) (WiFi) iPad7,3-j207ap_ios_16.4
iPad Pro (10.5-inch) (WiFi) iPad7,3-j207ap_ios_16.6
iPad Pro (10.5-inch) (WiFi) iPad7,3-j207ap_ios_16.x.x

iPad Pro (10.5-inch) (Cellular) iPad7,4-j208ap_ios_14.x.x
iPad Pro (10.5-inch) (Cellular) iPad7,4-j208ap_ios_15.x.x
iPad Pro (10.5-inch) (Cellular) iPad7,4-j208ap_ios_16.4.1-16.5.x
iPad Pro (10.5-inch) (Cellular) iPad7,4-j208ap_ios_16.4
iPad Pro (10.5-inch) (Cellular) iPad7,4-j208ap_ios_16.6
iPad Pro (10.5-inch) (Cellular) iPad7,4-j208ap_ios_16.x.x

iPad (6th generation) (WiFi) iPad7,5-j71bap_ios_14.x.x
iPad (6th generation) (WiFi) iPad7,5-j71bap_ios_15.x.x
iPad (6th generation) (WiFi) iPad7,5-j71bap_ios_16.4.1-16.5.x
iPad (6th generation) (WiFi) iPad7,5-j71bap_ios_16.4
iPad (6th generation) (WiFi) iPad7,5-j71bap_ios_16.6
iPad (6th generation) (WiFi) iPad7,5-j71bap_ios_16.x.x

iPad (6th generation) (Cellular) iPad7,6-j72bap_ios_14.x.x
iPad (6th generation) (Cellular) iPad7,6-j72bap_ios_15.x.x
iPad (6th generation) (Cellular) iPad7,6-j72bap_ios_16.4.1-16.5.x
iPad (6th generation) (Cellular) iPad7,6-j72bap_ios_16.4
iPad (6th generation) (Cellular) iPad7,6-j72bap_ios_16.6
iPad (6th generation) (Cellular) iPad7,6-j72bap_ios_16.x.x

iPad (7th generation) (WiFi) iPad7,11-j171ap_ios_14.x.x
iPad (7th generation) (WiFi) iPad7,11-j171ap_ios_15.x.x
iPad (7th generation) (WiFi) iPad7,11-j171ap_ios_16.4.1-16.5.x
iPad (7th generation) (WiFi) iPad7,11-j171ap_ios_16.4
iPad (7th generation) (WiFi) iPad7,11-j171ap_ios_16.6
iPad (7th generation) (WiFi) iPad7,11-j171ap_ios_16.x.x

iPad (7th generation) (Cellular) iPad7,12-j172ap_ios_14.x.x
iPad (7th generation) (Cellular) iPad7,12-j172ap_ios_15.x.x
iPad (7th generation) (Cellular) iPad7,12-j172ap_ios_16.4.1-16.5.x
iPad (7th generation) (Cellular) iPad7,12-j172ap_ios_16.4
iPad (7th generation) (Cellular) iPad7,12-j172ap_ios_16.6
iPad (7th generation) (Cellular) iPad7,12-j172ap_ios_16.x.x



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