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WMT Team CFG Tool is a free software that allows users to perform various operations on their iPhones and iPads. The tool is compatible with all Windows operating systems and can be used to read and write the SysCFG, a secret part of the NAND chips where the device information is stored.

Features of WMT Team CFG Tool:
Enter Diag Mode – one click
Connect Button
Read SysCFG
Backup SysCFG
Restore SysCFG
Fix JP Camera A5 – A9+
Unbind/Unlock WiFi
Reboot iDevice

Highlights of WMT Team CFG:
You can read and write the SysCFG, a secret part of the NAND chip.
You can change the color of the bootscreen (black or white).
You can flash sysCFG templates / backup and restore sysCFG of iDevices.
You can disable Japanese and Korean camera shutter sounds.
You can flash Arduino Checkm8 A5 like CPID 8940, 8942, and 8945 with one click.
You can unlock MDM and iCloud locked iPads and iPods (Wifi Only models).
You can check the whole device’s chips and components with one click.
You can fix Trutone features for your iDevices.

WMT TEAM CFG Tool V1.1 -2023 || DOWNLOAD


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