Download JF UNLOCK TOOL V3.2.0.2 || Samsung Test Mode FRP Added

Jf Unlock Tool works on the command line interface and lets you perform various operations on Android phones. You can also install the drivers of your device with just one click.

Features JF Unlock Tool:

  • Frp ADB: This feature allows you to bypass the Factory Reset Protection (FRP) on your Android device using ADB commands. FRP is a security feature that prevents unauthorized access to your device after a factory reset12.
  • Google: This feature opens the Google app on your device.
  • Open Youtube: This feature opens the Youtube app on your device.
  • Remove Blackberry Clear ADB: This feature removes the Blackberry Clear ADB service from your device. This service is used to manage Blackberry devices remotely.
  • Root LG: This feature roots your LG device using a one-click method. Rooting gives you full control over your device and allows you to install custom ROMs, apps, and tweaks.
  • Disable Samsung Update: This feature disables the automatic update of your Samsung device. This can prevent unwanted changes or errors caused by updates.
  • Iphone Verification: This feature verifies your iPhone device using iTunes. This can help you activate, restore or unlock your iPhone.
  • Device Information: This feature shows you the basic information of your device, such as model, IMEI, battery level, etc.
  • recovery mode-: This feature boots your device into recovery mode. Recovery mode is a special mode that allows you to perform various actions on your device, such as wiping data, flashing firmware, etc.
  • Download mode: This feature boots your device into download mode. Download mode is a special mode that allows you to flash firmware or custom recovery on your device using tools like Odin.
  • Open Settings: This feature opens the settings app on your device. The settings app lets you adjust various options and preferences on your device.
  • Exit Download: This feature exits the download mode and reboots your device normally.
  • Restart Normal: This feature reboots your device normally.
  • Remove KG LOCKED ADB: This feature removes the KG Locked status from your Samsung device using ADB commands. KG Locked status is a security feature that prevents you from flashing custom binaries on your device unless you unlock the bootloader3.
  • Download Odin3_v3.14.4: This feature downloads the Odin3_v3.14.4 tool on your PC. Odin is a tool that allows you to flash firmware or custom recovery on Samsung devices using download mode4.
  • Download Samsung Driver ADB: This feature downloads the Samsung Driver ADB on your PC. Samsung Driver ADB is a driver that allows you to connect your Samsung device to your PC using ADB commands5.
  • Samfw Page-: This feature opens the Samfw Page on your browser. Samfw Page is a website that provides official firmware for Samsung devices.
  • Activate ADB-: This feature activates the ADB mode on your device. ADB mode is a mode that allows you to communicate with your device using ADB commands from your PC.
  • FRP 2 ADB-: This feature bypasses the FRP lock on your device using another method of ADB commands.
  • Device Manager-: This feature opens the Device Manager on your PC. Device Manager is a tool that allows you to manage the devices connected to your PC, such as updating drivers, uninstalling devices, etc.
  • Go out: This feature exits the JF Unlock tool program.
  • Install ADB Driver: This feature installs the ADB Driver on your PC. ADB Driver is a driver that allows you to connect any Android device to your PC using ADB commands.
  • Kill Server: This feature kills the ADB server process on your PC. ADB server is a process that runs in the background and facilitates communication between your PC and your device using ADB commands.

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What’s new

  • Some installation bug fix
  • New ADB FRP Added
  • Launch Browser Fix
  • Samsung Test Mode FRP Added



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