Click Tool PRO | Added Free Samsung MTP FRP (Limited Time)

Click-Tool PRO provides free access to the Samsung FRP Server with 0 credits required. This limited-time offer allows you to take advantage of the powerful FRP (Factory Reset Protection) functionality without any additional costs. Ensure the security of your Samsung device and enjoy the benefits of Click-Tool PRO’s online servers while they are available.

What’s New

READ – WRITE – ERASE and RESET partitions

With the new update, you can now perform various partition operations on Qualcomm-based devices. Whether you need to read, write, erase, or reset partitions, Click-Tool PRO has got you covered.

Flash full Samsung firmware via EDL (easy debrick)

In case your Samsung device encounters software-related issues or gets bricked, Click-Tool PRO offers a convenient solution. The new update introduces the ability to flash full Samsung firmware via EDL (Emergency Download Mode), commonly known as easy debrick. This feature allows you to revive your device by reinstalling the original firmware, ensuring it functions optimally once again.

Em token auth removal for Samsung tab

Click-Tool PRO now provides an effective method to remove EM token authentication on Samsung tablets. By utilizing this feature, you can restore your Samsung tab to its original state, eliminating any restrictions imposed by EM token authentication. This enhancement opens up possibilities for customization and optimization, empowering you to personalize your device according to your preferences.

BETA SPD IMEI repair for all devices via Dialog

In addition to the Qualcomm module enhancements, Click-Tool PRO introduces a BETA SPD IMEI repair feature for all devices via Dialog. This new addition expands the tool’s compatibility, enabling you to repair IMEI issues on a wider range of devices. Whether you’re using a Samsung, LG, Motorola, or any other supported device, Click-Tool PRO ensures you have the necessary tools for IMEI repairs.


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